Welcome to our Home Page, come on in, make yourself comfortable, set a spell and browse.  I used to have music on this page but that doesn't seem to want to work any more! We hope in these few pages we have created an interest in where we are and what we do. Our Ancestors are here to show you where they have been, even though some are still hiding from us.

We used to work on these pages together, me writing and Ben talking, but I am sorry to say that Ben passed away in September 2014, it has been hard to go on with out him and that is one of the reasons for rebuilding these pages.

Family Genealogy

The Surnames in black do not have a Family Page
Ben's Family Judy's Family
White Page
Arkansas White Page
Arkansas White Photos
Dodson Page
Harkness Page
Bates Page
Sutton Page
Pyland Page
Copeland Page
Wallis (not Wallace)
Gee Pages
Fifield Page
Markham Page
Demaray Page
Molesworth Page
Davis Page
Bessie Layton Davis
Layton Page
Spracklin Page

There used to be a great program for uploading Family information, someone in their infinite wisdom decided to replace the program.  Mine is still working and have made some simple fixes that were needed. Try these links!!!

Benjamin Horace Bates
White Family Pages
Copeland Family Pages
Harkness Family Pages
Gee Family 1720 - 1998
Layton Family Pages
Spracklin Family Pages

Spracklin Family Photo Album
Modale, Iowa Family Photo Album

Pages I Like
American History & Genealogy Project
Ask the Ladies
Native American Genealogy

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