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We know in many cases Wallis is Wallace, but this  page is a Wallis Page.  In our ancestry going back to  the early 1600 the only name change we find is from Walles to Wallis in the 1600.  I also have a Wallace line but not connected to this Wallis.

My direct ancestors came to Canada in 1847 on the Ship Westminster.  Thomas Wallis, son John and daughter Emma.  Also arriving on the same ship was the Gee family.  (More on Gee page)

They landed in New York, traveled up the Hudson  River, across Lake Erie to Port Stanley.  From there they went to London, Ontario, Canada where the Richard Wallis, family had settled.  Richard and Thomas were brothers, we do not have the date of Richards arrival in Canada, we do think it was a few  years earlier.

While living in Woolsey, a small town near Dorchester John met Margaret Fifield and they were married 17 April 1869.  In the fall of that year they moved to Mondamin, Harrison County Iowa.  To visit my Fifield connection, just click Fifield.

John purchased land near Mondamin and began farming, which became a life long occupation.  John and Margaret raised a family of nine children, which included one set of twins.  They stayed on the family farm until there passing.   Both are buried in the Magnolia Cemetery.

Family of John Wallis and Margaret Fifield

      Thomas 1868 Married Nell Cooper
         Mary Ann 1869 Married George Holben
       Loretta Eliza 1870 Married William Grooms
    John Hiram 1873 Married Francis Erb and Berdie Grooms
       Charlie 1875** Married Emma Gilmore
       Tillie 1875** Married Fred Cooper
     Daniel Fifield 1880 Married Eva Grace Gee ( on this page)
          Walter Kidman 1883 Married Grace Emily Gee
           Richard Wallis 1885 Married Carrie Weldon
** Twin


Daniel Wallis and Eva Grace Gee

      Lois Irene 1909 Married Earl Rolph
        Cleo Elizabeth 1916 Married Vernon Thoreson
         and Clifford Flood
         Leroy Eugene 1918 Married Loretta Ann Davis
                and Thelma Herman (my father)
         Charles George 1923 Married Hazel Adell McCue

Leroy Wallis and Loretta Ann Davis

  Judy Wallis White

Each year in June the Wallis, Holben and Gee families have a reunion in Mondamin, Iowa. June 25, 2015 will be the 91st year. If you are interested in attending, please contact me. On Sunday there will be a Pot Luck at noon. The Pot Luck will be followed by a short business meeting. Laughter, visiting, photographs, and stories are welcome!

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