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In 1960 I met a wonderful little lady who started my interest in genealogy. I started gathering information on my family and my husband's family.  My searching was interrupted during the middle sixties and early seventies while raising a family of 3 active boys. Don't make the mistake I made during those early years was not talking to elders of our families. Please don't make the mistake I did, once they are gone its lots harder to get the answers to your questions.

The Wallis and Gee side of my family are always talking about family members, long gone and sometimes forgotten. My father and Aunt Cleo have brought these people to life for me. I didn't have the privilege of knowing my father's side of the family as a child and my mother didn't talk about her side.

For years after we were married my mother-in-law did not want me to search out any information on the Bates, White, Harkness and Dodson line. There were some family connections they didn't want to talk about. She had, however, told us she was of Native American descent, Cherokee or Pawnee from the Dodson line. We know this connection is correct, we just don't know for sure how. So we just keep digging.

In the past I have spent very little time searching for the Davis, Layton and Spracklen lines. I have gathered a large collection of pictures, stories and magazine articles on my grandmother Bessie Layton Davis, many of which are included here.

In about 2000 I met a young man online, who issued the challenge "If you think you can do better!" Never one to shy away from a challenge, I learned how to build web pages and spent many happy years working on AccessGenealogy and helping to develop the Native American portion of that site.  I spent so much time building, I put family genealogy on the back burner.
Now I spend my time build American History & Genealogy Project back to what it was many years ago. We have a happy group of workers who are developing new research pages for the researchers to use in the pursuit of their families.

With the help of good friends, family, and our three sons, I am learning how to go on, missing my better half.  We would have been married 53 years in April, it was not long enough for me, but all I can think is God had a reason to call him home. 
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