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Maybe our Fifield line connects with the Fifields of New England, we know both Hiram and Benniah went back to that area and married their second wives. Our knowledge of Benniah is limited to what Peter Wells has shared with me. Our information on Hiram comes from letters and stories told by the family. It is reported when he made his first to Canada he did so in a wagon with a sign that read "From Enfield, New Hampshire to Detroit Michigan". He must have taken a wrong turn and ended up in Ontario, Canada! Family letters tell us he was traveling with Johathan Currier, they went to Ontario, Canada as Mrs. Currier's brother lived there. The brother-in-law, being Thomas Choats, who was an English Captain and was married to Ann McCartney. During this visit Eliza Black was living with the Choats's (Ann was Eliza's aunt). Hiram was engaged to a girl in New Hampshire named Lettie Gile, he did, however, stay and marry Eliza. This is a family story, I have no proof that it is based on facts. Hiram and Eliza both died in Dorchester, Middlesex County, Ontario, Canada.

Hiram Abiff Fifield
b. about 1816 d. 31 Dec 1886
Eliza Black
b. 15 April 1822 d. 11 April 1873


Marinda  b. 18 Feb 1840  d. 9 Oct. 1855 Jonathan Capstic  b. 7 Mar 1832
Mary Ann  b. 12 Jan 1842 Joseph Fulkerson  b. 12 Sep 1836  d. 5 Sep 1827
Marilla  b. 1843 William Kelley  b. 1836
Margaret  b. 24 Jul 1845  d. 9 Sep 1936 17 April 1867 John Wallis b. 12 June 1839  d. 15 Nov 1930
Daniel B. b. April 1848/49 Matilda V.
Hiram  b. 2 Apr 1850  d. 3 Apr 1928 Nancy Alice Arms  b. 31 Aug 1855 d. 22 Mar
Phoebe  b. 6 Mar 1852  d. 1923 5 Apr 1870 Walter Wallis  b. 5 May 1843  d. 1916
Eliza Loretta  b. 19 Apr 1854  d.1937 Kidman Wallis  b. 10 Mar 1847  d. 1925
George Washington  b. 16 Dec 1855 25 Dec 1877 (1)Sarah Anne Dennman   b. 1855  d. 1901
(2) Mary Ellen Robinson  b. 1864/65 8 Jun 1912 d.
William V.  b. 1858  d. 24 Jul 1863
James B.  b. Sep 1860  d.  19 Aug 1861
Euphemia (Effie)  b. 1862  d. 1950 10 Aug. 1881 Alexander Kippan b. 1852
Leila Ada  b. 3 Jun 1864  d. 3 Sep 1942 14 Apr 1892 George M. Brodie M.D. b. 7 Oct 1856  d.  6 Jan 1940

Hiram Abiff Fifield
Married  11 Jan 1875
Sophia Smith
b.  1817  d.  29 Oct 1885
(No known Children)

Benniah Bean Fifield
Mary Clay (1)
Unknown (2)
Benniah died in Indiana or Illinois, having had a second family with the unknown wife.

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