1. Benjamin Horace BATES was born about 1800.

Priscilla Abigail WHETTERBERRY (HURLBURT) was born in 1802 in Vermont. Benjamin Horace BATES and Priscilla Abigail WHETTERBERRY (HURLBURT) had the following children: Hurlburt has been listed here in connection with Abigail Whetterberry because I have two different names from two different sources.

child+2 i. Louisa BATES.
child3 ii. Elish Elijah BATES.
child4 iii. Betty BATES.
child5 iv. Mary BATES.
child+6 v. Norman BATES.
child+7 vi. Williston BATES.
child+8 vii. Almond A. BATES.
child+9 viii. Bloomfield Ridley BATES.
child+10 ix. Lucy F. BATES.
child+11 x. Mariah Elizabeth "Marla" BATES.
child+12 xi. Juliet Ann BATES.
child+13 xii. Martha Jane (E.) BATES.

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