7. Williston BATES was born on 31 Aug 1830 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He died on 2 Jul 1897 in Birdell, Arkansas. He was buried in Sutton, Randolph, Arkansas.

He was married to Nancy Tennessee NOBLIN (daughter of Samuel James NOBLIN and Cecilia PYLAND) on 20 Mar 1859. The 1830 Bedford County, Tennessee census lists James J. Noblin with three males to age 5, one male 20-30, and one female 20-30.

The 1840 Bedford County, Tennessee census lists James Noblin with two males to age 5, one male 5-10, two males 10-15, one male 30-40, one female to age 5, one female 5-10, and one female 30-40.

The 1850 Marshall County, Tennessee census, District 7 lists Samuel (45) with Cecilia (41) and children Alexander (20), Thomas (16), Samuel J. (14), Nancy (10), Francis M. (7), Ezechal P. (5), and Benjamin (3) living with them. Daughter Ann (18) lived on one side of them with her husband, James Franklin Sutton (22). Son Culing (Cullen) (22) lived on the other side of them with his wife, Martha J. (18) and son Henry B, five months old. The census lists William Noblin (24) in District 6 with wife Selar (Celia) (20), Rhamon (2) and Thomas M (1).

After carefully comparing census records, Noblin researchers have concluded that William is the son of Samuel and Celia.

During the 1850's Samuel and his entire family moved, via Missouri, to Randolph County, Arkansas where they settled. William stayed in Marshall County, Tennessee with his wife and family.

Nancy Tennessee NOBLIN was born about 1840 in Tennessee. She died on 21 Oct 1879. Williston BATES and Nancy Tennessee NOBLIN had the following children:

child+15 i. James William BATES.
child16 ii. Marion BATES. Died at about 18 months of age.
child+17 iii. Benjamin Horace BATES.
child+18 iv. Pircilla Abigail BATES.
child+19 v. Thomas Ridley BATES.
child+20 vi. Martha Ann BATES.
child+21 vii. Mary Elizabeth BATES.
child+22 viii. Nancy Tennessee BATES.
child+23 ix. Fidelia Emaline BATES.
child+24 x. John BATES.
child25 xi. Noah BATES was born on 24 Apr 1875. He died about 1876.
child+26 xii. Daniel Vorhees BATES.
child+27 xiii. Alexander BATES.

He was married to Susan Jane BENNETT about 1886. Susan Jane BENNETT was born on 24 Mar 1847 in Tennessee. She died on 28 Jul 1923. She was in UNKNOWN. Williston BATES and Susan Jane BENNETT had the following children:

child+28 i. Lucy May BATES.
child+29 ii. Inez Ina BATES.
child+30 iii. Lillie BATES.

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