Harrison County

1884 Allen's Atlas
Harrison County Iowa

     I will make an email link to any one who sends their surnames to me, hopefully this way some one will find you.  Please put Harrison County in the subject line.   The TOWNSHIP (if you don't include township, I don't have time to look for your surname), your SURNAMES, your NAME and EMAIL address in the body of the message.  I take care of several counties and this will help me get the people in the correct county.

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From the 1884 Allen's Atlas of Harrison County, Iowa, I have listed the land owners. The townships were copied left to right, top to bottom.  The first section listed for any township will be the north west section of the township.   Landowners listed as initials only were omitted. Some first names, initials or acreage are not listed as this information was not listed in the original copy. The same person may be listed by initials and first name in a section.   I did no research to determine if they were the same person. Abbreviations of first names was the work of the compiler, I did not change these. The spelling of Wallace for John, Thomas and Margaret, was changed to the correct spelling of Wallis, as this is my family. Names marked with an * are my family.  I have done my best to proof read all names listed, but there may be errors, if you find one, please let me know.  The numbers for the sections were the work of the compiler, I did not change these.
     There are 4,935 names in the 1884 Townships of Harrison County.  Use the search feature of your browser to search the townships.    Most landowners are listed with amount of acreage. If a person owned more than one piece of land in a section they were added together to the nearest acre. The Residence column is for the number of houses on a piece of property. Schools, Cemeteries, Mills, and Towns are also listed.
     Additional information on a family may be available from the Harrison County Court House,  Logan, IA 51546. 
     I do have hard copies of the transcribed atlas, if interested, please contact me for more information.

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Harrison County Townships

Little Sioux













St. Johns







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Harrison County Patrons Township Directory

  Harrison County Business Directory
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Harrison County Marriage Directory
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