43. Cecilia PYLAND was born about Jun 1810 in NC.(1) She died on 2 Aug 1873 in Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas. (2)(1) Genealogist Everett Turner thinks that Cecilia's maiden name might have been White. Here is his correspondence dated June 28, 1997 supporting this theory:

Marshall County, TN Circuit Court, November Term 1849:

Aiden White, James G. White, Samuel J. Noblin, Benj. Pyland, Joseph P. Sharp and wife Nancy, James Davis and wife Elizabeth, Paulina White, Elijah White, and Martha White. Mary White and Andrew J. White. Harris Mount, Sion White, and Thomas Bloodworth and wife Aily, vs: James T. Spears and wife Aggy, and James Holder and wife Sally. Petition to sell land.

Pure speculation as to relationship of S J and wife Cely with Serril. Other female children are mentioned with their spouse except S J and Ben. Ben's wife Ann was born 1788, Serill and Susannah Lankford married 1785. Ann was alive in 1850, as per census, as was Cely. Why they were not mentioned, I haven't a clue. Why, otherwise, would S J and Benj hold interest in the Serril WHITE land? Harris MOUNT is the only other non-WHITE noted and was the youngest son of Nancy and was most likely, representing the interests of
Nancy with whom he lived in the 1840s.

S J and Cely (as named in the 1850 census) are the right age and the name Cely, if correctly noted in the censue, is a classic WHITE family mark, everyone had a nick-name that stuck.

More needed but I believe the odds favor Cely being a WHITE......


Sutton family bible states that Celia died at 63 years and 2 months.

She was married to Samuel James NOBLIN before 1828.(3) The 1830 Bedford County, Tennessee census lists James J. Noblin with three males to age 5, one male 20-30, and one female 20-30.

The 1840 Bedford County, Tennessee census lists James Noblin with two males to age 5, one male 5-10, two males 10-15, one male 30-40, one female to age 5, one female 5-10, and one female 30-40.

The 1850 Marshall County, Tennessee census, District 7 lists Samuel (45) with Cecilia (41) and children Alexander (20), Thomas (16), Samuel J. (14), Nancy (10), Francis M. (7), Ezechal P. (5), and Benjamin (3) living with them. Daughter Ann (18) lived on one side of them with her husband, James Franklin Sutton (22). Son Culing (Cullen) (22) lived on the other side of them with his wife, Martha J. (18) and son Henry B, five months old. The census lists William Noblin (24) in District 6 with wife Selar (Celia) (20), Rhamon (2) and Thomas M (1).

After carefully comparing census records, Noblin researchers have concluded that William is the son of Samuel and Celia.

During the 1850's Samuel and his entire family moved, via Missouri, to Randolph County, Arkansas where they settled. William stayed in Marshall County, Tennessee with his wife and family.

Samuel James NOBLIN was born about 1805 in NC. (4)(5) (6)(7) He died about 1867 in Pocahontas, Randolph, Arkansas. (8) Cecilia PYLAND and Samuel James NOBLIN had the following children:

child58 i. Benjamin Harris NOBLIN died in 1877 in Lawrence Co, AR. (9) He was born in Tennessee.(6) (7) The 1870 Lawrence County, AR census, Clover Bend office lists Benjamin Noblin as age 22, farm laborer; Martha, 30, keeping house; Susan E., 8; Thomas L., 6; and Mary L, 1.

Benjamin married his brother, Samuel's, widow. No marriage record has been located on them, but they are listed together in the 1870 census.
child+59 ii. Cullen W. NOBLIN.
child+60 iii. William NOBLIN.
child61 iv. Alexander NOBLIN was born about 1830 in Tennessee. (6)(7) Below is a copy of a land grant at the Randolph County Courthouse:

The State of Arkansas by Commissioner to Heirs of Alexander Noblin, dec'd.

To all to whom these present shall come. Greeting. Know ye that whereas by an act of Congress of the United States of America entitled "an to enable the state of ARkansas and other states to claim the swamp and overflowed lands within their limits" approved 28th September 1850; and whereas under the provisions of the acts of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas regulating the price and sale of lands so granted the comm. of State lands for the state of Arkansas did grant his duplicate certificate dated the 23 day of March 1904 and numbered 1311, to and in favor of the Heirs and legal representatives of Alexander Noblin deceased for the following described lands to wit. South East quarter of section thirty-four in Township 18 North of the Bose (?) line in Range One east of the fifth principal meridian containing one hundred and sixty acres and said lands having been pattented by the United State to the State of ARkansas as a portion of the swamp and overflowed lands granted to said state by th act of Congress aforesaid and the purchase money for said lands amounting to one hundred and twenty dollars and no cents having been fully paid therefore the said heirs and legal representatives of Alexander Noblin deceased are entitled to a deed from the state of Arkansas for said lands. Now therefore J. F. E. Conway Commissioner of State lands for the state of Arkansas for and in behalf of said state and in consideration of the premises, have granted bargained, sold, confirmed and conveyed and by these present grant, bargain, sell and confirm and convey to the said heirs and legal representatives of Alexander Noblin dec'd and to their heirs and assigns the tracts of land herein before designated. To have and to hold the said tracts or parcels of land herein before described with the app? thereto belonging to the said heirs and legal representatives of Alexander Noblin dec'd and to their heirs and sssigns forever. In testimony whereof J. F. E. Conway Commissioner of State Lands for the State of Arkansas as have here unto set my hand and caused the seal of the said office to be affixed at the city of Little Rock on this 23 day of March 1909 and of the Independence of the United States of America the One Hundred and Twenty eighth ?. Signed F.E. Conway, commissioner of the state lands for the state of ARkansas. Filed for Record April the 18th 1904 at 10 a.m.. Recorded 18 Apr 1904.

Alexander seems to have disappeared after the 1850 census. This document is evidence that he at least had a claim of land in Randolph County, Arkansas.

child+62 v. Ann NOBLIN.
child+63 vi. Thomas NOBLIN.
child+64 vii. Samuel J. NOBLIN, JR..
child+65 viii. Nancy Tennessee NOBLIN.
child66 ix. Frances M. NOBLIN was born about 1843 in Tennessee. (6)(7)
child67 x. Ezechal P. NOBLIN was born about 1845 in Tennessee. (6)(7)

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