54. Mary Elizabeth PYLAND was born in Mar 1844 in Perry Co, TN. She died in Jul 1908 in Randolph Co, AR. She was buried in Jul 1908 in Randolph Co, AR. (15)

She was married to Samuel Moore HUFSTEDLER on 30 Mar 1864 in Randolph Co, AR.(16) Samuel Moore HUFSTEDLER was born on 6 Aug 1819 in Anderson Co, TN. He died on 5 Jan 1893 in Randolph Co, AR. He was buried on 6 Jan 1893 in Randolph Co, AR. Samuel Moore Hufstedler, son of Jacob Hufstedler Jr. and Alsey Moore,
was born in Anderson Co., TN on Aug 6, 1819 and died Jan 5, 1893 in
Randolph Co., AR. He was married three times. First on April 7, 1842
to Martha A. Puckett, born Aug 30, 1823, died April 1, 1862. He
married second to a widow, Mrs. Matilda J. (Stayton) Eudailey. She
had a daughter named Mary Shaw Eudailey by her first marriage. Matilda
J. died about a year after their marriage and Samuel Moore raised her
daughter. His third marriage was to Mary E. Pyland and there were 14
children born to this last marriage. By two of his marriages, the
first and third, Samuel Moore Hufstedler was the father of 22 children
and raised one step-daughter. In addition, he made room for his
sister-in-law, widow of his brother Joseph Freeman Hufstedler, and
four of her children.
In 1974 the following article was published in a newspaper in Randolph
Co., Arkansas --- it was probably the Pocahontas Star Herald.
one noted for it's size and the longevity of it's children, is the
family of the late Samuel Moore Hufstedler, Sr. who settled in
Randolph Co., Ark. in 1852. Thus far, speaking for 12 of the
Hufstedler children, one lived to pass the century mark, six have
lived past 90, three more have passed 80, another died at age 72, and
the two who died "young" died in their fifties. At one time in 1959
there were seven living of whom five were past 80 and the other two
were past 85. Of the five now living they are as active as anyone
could expect to be in this age group, and all go to church and are
Republicans as the family has always been. Following is a run-down of
the above photo - taken in 1959. Jane Hufstedler Lemmons, deceased
January 1974 at age 97. She would have been 98 in February. Susie
Hufstedler Campbell, deceased Feb. 1972 at age 102. Lizzie Hufstedler
Fielden, living in Pocahontas, age 91. Ellen Hufstedler Hollowell,
lives in Pocahontas, age 89. Samuel Moore Hufstedler, Jr. deceased at
age 72. Will Hufstedler lives at Biggers, Ark., age 93. Margaret
Hufstedler Perrin, deceased August 1930 at age 58. Henry Hufstedler
lives on Rt. #1, Imboden, Ark., age 87 on May 22, 1973. James Elihu
Hufstedler, deceased May 1919 at age 54. Jeff Hufstedler lives Rt. 1,
Imboden, Ark., age 93. David O. Hufstedler deceased Aug 1934 at age
88. The father of these children came from Perry County, Tenn. in 1852
according to an account written by the late David O. Hufstedler. He
came to Randolph County, Ark. and settled on Morgan Creek. He bought
an "improvement" consisting of one acre of cleared ground with a round
log house 16 X 18 feet with one window. The old spring on that place
is still there. He gave a flintlock rifle for that improvement plus
160 acres of land. At that time he had a wife and four sons, but
afterward became the father of 22 children by two wives. His first
wife was Martha Puckett who died in 1862. She was the mother of Joe,
John, Dave, Peter, Jake and Sam and a daughter named Tennessee. After
Martha's death he married a widow, Matilda J. Eudailey, who had a
daugher named Mary Eudailey who later married Tom Campbell. His
second wife lived about a year and he then married Mary E. Pyland who
was the mother of James, George, Cullen, Susan, Margaret, Lizzie,
Ellen, Henry, Jane, William, Jeff, Martha, Lovell, and two stillborn
children. There is probably not another family in the entire mid-south
who can match the record of the remarkable Hufstedler family. Experts
on geriatrics say that if you want to live to be 100 you should choose
for your grandparents a couple who live to be 110. It is not known
whether the Hufstedler's grandparents passed the century mark,
probably not, but it can be noted from the photos of the family that
none of them suffer from obesity which is said to contribute to a
short life. Mary Elizabeth PYLAND and Samuel Moore HUFSTEDLER had the following children:

child107 i. 'stillborn' HUFSTEDLER.
child+108 ii. James Elihu 'Doc Jim' HUFSTEDLER.
child109 iii. George W HUFSTEDLER was born on 25 Sep 1866 in Randolph Co, AR. Died at a young age.
child+110 iv. Cullen Pyland 'Bud' HUFSTEDLER.
child+111 v. Martha Susan HUFSTEDLER.
child+112 vi. Margaret N 'Vicie' HUFSTEDLER.
child+113 vii. Nancy Jane HUFSTEDLER.
child+114 viii. William Walter 'Will' HUFSTEDLER.
child+115 ix. Richard Jefferson HUFSTEDLER.
child+116 x. Sarah Elizabeth 'Lizzie' HUFSTEDLER.
child+117 xi. Mary Ellen HUFSTEDLER.
child+118 xii. Henry Hubert HUFSTEDLER.
child119 xiii. Lovell HUFSTEDLER was born in 1888 in Randolph Co, AR. He died in 1892 in Randolph Co, AR.

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