4. John COPELAND was christened on 24 Feb 1611/12 in St. Mary's Church in Dolphinholm, England. He was born in 1612 in Dolphinholm, England. He emigrated in 1635 from to Chuckatuck, Isle of Wight. He died in 1682 in Isle of Wight Co., Va. He was in Quaker. John Copeland was born on 24 Feb 1612 in Dolphin Leigh, Dolphinholm, England. He was christened on 24 Feb 1612 in St. Mary's Church, Lancaster,Lancashire,England. He died in 1682 in Isle of Wight Co., VA,.

The manuscript continues with "John was the first of the name in Virginia. The Copelands were ardent quakers. In "Early Quaker Records in Virginia" by Miles White, Jr., the Copelands are constant throughout in their attendance at weddings and meetings of the Friends. The following records are contained therein:

Elizabeth Copeland, Joseph Copeland, John Copeland, Mary Copeland and James Copeland, Junior were witnesses at weddings in 1687, 1696. 1699. and 1723/4. It should also be noted that the Taberers were among the Friends and John Copeland's son, Married Elizabeth Taberer whose birth is recorded in this history -'Elizabeth Tabberer, daughter of the
aforesaid Margrett which she bare to Thomas Tabberer was borne the last of the 10th month 1663.' "
Possibly a brother of Lawrence Copeland, who settled at Braintree, Massachusetts, in 1630.

From the Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol VI-Virginia: page 22 " Annual meeting in 1680 was in John Copeland's house in Chuckatuck, (Virginia)"
page 28 1680, 8, 7-John a meeting was held in his house in Chuckatuck., 1688, 3, 29. John a meeting was held in his house. ( JP NOTE:Since one John Copeland lived 1616-1682 and his son lived 1652-about 1712 I have listed this section on both more sheets as the book does not distinguish which John it was speaking about. If the manuscript is speaking of John's son that would help prove that he either had two sons John and Nicholas, or one son that was John Nicholas or Nicholas John since different genealogist disagree as to this sons name.)

on page 39: " among these earliest Quaker families not all of whom had been puritans, are found the names of Goodwin, Bennett, Hutchens, Jordan, Draper, Copeland, Devion, Johnson, Jones, Murrey, Bressie, Chapman, Boddy (Boddie), Outland, Howard, Wiggs, Exum, Barnes, West, Lawrence, Took, Taberer, Newman, Bufkin (Buskin), Perkins, Garret, Belson, Grove, Pope, Lacee and others too numerous to mention. " (JP NOTE: Many of these names are later found to intermarry with the Copelands. They were also later mentioned as the more prominent families of the area in the same book)
JP NOTE: The Copeland Manuscript supplied by Frank Luckett listed this gentleman as John Copeland, however, other sources suggest his name was Nicholas. I have listed him as John Nicholas thinking that is perhaps his full name and he was called Nicholas throughout his life to avoid confusion with his father.
In the unnamed document also provided to me by Frank Luckett in January 1977 has the following:
From "The William and Mary College Quarterly", Vol. 7, page 212: " After the restoration of King Charles II in 1660, the Quakers had a strong following -especially in the upper Parish (Virginia). the able lawyer and preacher, Thomas Story of Philadelphia, came in 1699 and in 1705 and held many open and comfortable meetings in this and other parts of Virginia. And a Chuckatuck, he met his ancient friend, Elizabeth Webb of Gloucestershire, England, and John Copeland, who at his request, showed him his mutilated ear, he being one of the first of those who had their right ear cut by the Presbyterians, or Independents of New England." (JP: Note-the Copeland Manuscript says this was John the son of Joseph and Mary Woodley)

"John Copeland, age 19" is listed as one of the 218 "passengers for Virginia 1635 in New England and Historical and Genealogical Record, Vol. 5," and may be the "John, a Quaker who came to Plymouth Colony, Massachusetts on the 'Speedwell' in 1656 and was whipped and driven from the Colony on account of his religion".
These records fit so near completely that it is believed that Joseph Copeland, grandson of Thomas Taberer, was also the grandson of John Copeland. And that this John, who was beaten and run out of Plymouth Colony about 1656, is the same as Jo, who took passage for Virginia in 1635- and the same as John, who showed his mutilated ear to Thomas Story
in 1699 or 1705 at the home of his cousin Elizabeth Copeland Webb of Gloucestershire, England . . . and another beneficiary under the Will of Thomas Taberer in Chuckatuck, Virginia, at which time John was about 78 years old.
(JP Note: various records agree that it was John, Sr, who departed on the Assurance for Virginia stayed in Isle of Wight, and was deceased in 1682. Thus making it impossible for him to be at either meeting. I believe that it is more likely the person that was the Speedwell passenger or at the meeting was either this John, Jr., the before mentioned son of Joseph
or an entirely different John Copeland.)

He was married to Sarah Ratcliff about 1638 in Isle of Wight Co., VA.

He left England 1635 on the ship "Assurance" along with 217 other passengers. He settled at Chuckatuck in Isle of Wight Co., Va.

He was married to Sarah RATLIFFE about 1639 in Isle of Wight Co., Va. Sarah RATLIFFE was born about 1616. She was born about 1625 in Isle of Wight Co., Va. She died in 1687 in Isle of Wight Co., Va. John COPELAND and Sarah RATLIFFE had the following children:

child12 i. John Nicholas COPELAND was born in 1640 in Isle of Wight Co., Va. He died in 1693 in Chuckatuck, Isle of Wight Co., Va.
child+13 ii. Nicholas COPELAND.
child+14 iii. William COPELAND Sr..
child15 iv. Hannah COPELAND was born in 1654 in Isle of Wight Co., Va.
child16 v. Joseph COPELAND was born in 1655 in Isle of Wight Co., Va.
child17 vi. Sarah COPELAND was born in 1657 in Isle of Wight Co., Va. She died in 1725 in Isle of Wight Co., Va.

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