1868 Harrison County Townships


     Information contained on the following pages is from "History and Description of Harrison County, given in Townships" by G.F. Waterman, 1868.  I have used his descriptions and information for the Company "C" 29th Regiment and Company "H" 15th regiment Iowa Infantry Volunteers.  He also gives short bios of some soldiers from Harrison County.  The names listed below are listed in the book, sorry but you will have to find them in the townships.  Not all townships are included as they were not listed in his book, maybe they were not formed at the time it his writing.

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Little Sioux




St. Johns




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Waldo Abeel, Mr. Adams, J.B. Akers, O.M. Allen

D.A. Babcock, Peter Barnet, James Bates, W.W. Isaac Bedsaul, Mrs Isaac Bendaul, Bennett, George Blackman, J.A. Boies, L.R. Bolter, Peter Brady, T.E. Brannen, Mrs. D.E. Brainard, Mr. Brigham, Mr. Brooner, Daniel Brown, Nathan Brown,William Brown, W.L. Brown, Bryan,  G.H. Burcham,
L.D. Butler, Lorenzo Butler

G.B. Cadwell, Rev. Curtland Card, Amos Chase, S. Chase, Sidney Chase, Chatburn, Jonas Chatburn, Isaac Childs, Dr. W.F. Clark, Clay Cleveland, Geo. Cole, Miss Cole, S.W. Condit, P.G. Cooper, Cotton,  G. H. Cotton, Isaac Cox, Josiah Crom

Mr. Dakan, William Dakan, J. W. Dally, John Danielson, Davis,  R.N. Day, John Deal, T.A. Dennis, S. Dewell, Donmeyer, John A. Donalson, James Dunnigan, Samuel Dunnigan

Mr. Egon, Dr. Ellis, Isaac Ellison, J.C. Enke

D.W. Fletcher, James Foster, D.M. Follett, J.S. Fountain, Champion Frazier, Jacob Fulton

D.M. Gamet, I. Gamet, Dr. J. Giddings, C.F. Goff, Golden, R.S. Gurley

E.J. Hagerman, Mathew Hall, Robert Hall, Chester Hamilton, Mr. Hardin, James Hardy, Mr. Harris,
Noah Harris, H.C. Harshbarger, John Hatcher, Uriah Hawkins, Stephen Hester, S.E. Hillis, Jacob Hoffman, M. Holbrook, Julia Hopkins, Edward Houghton,William Howard,  Henry Hushaw

J. Ingleson, Mrs. Irish, James A. Jackson, J. Jeffrey, Kelley Brothers, James Kelley, Henry Kanouse,
Mr. Kibler, H.D. King, Rev. H.D. King, Stephen King, Dr. L.J. Kynett

Rev. Laidley, Mr. Lelan, Mr. Litz, A. Lockling, Mr. Lockling, T.M.C. Logan, W.W. Luddon

Stephen Mahoney, Manning, James Matthews, James McCoid, McDonalds, McEverts, George McGavern, R. McGavern, Robert McGavern, Samuel McGavern, J.W. McIntosh, John McKinney, P.J. McMahon, Geo. W.S. Meech, E.W. Meech, Mefford, Squire Messenger, P.D. Mickel, Jacob Minton, Mitchell,  Hiram Moore, Richard Musgrave

T.B. Neely, Thomas P. Neely,  Wm. Neely, S.J. Oaks, Evans Obanion, James Obanion, D.H. O'Linn, Henry Olmstead, William Orr

Seth Palmer, A. Pate, Jacob Preston, H.C. Purple

Wm. T. Raymond, Thos. W. Reeder, Henry Reel, Dr. J. H. Rice, Silas Rice, Henry Richardson, Mr. Rider, J.M. Riley, Wm. Roberts, G.Ross, J.Ross, Mr. Rudasill

Dr. Dwight Satterlee, Rev. Wm Scott, Mr. Sellers, David Selleck, Jas. Sellick, Asher Servis, J. Sharpneck, J. Smith, J.H. Smith, William Smith, L. S. Snyder, William Spencer,  Norman Squires,
S. Stanwood, J.W. Stocker, Swartz

Rev. Tarkington, Thos. Thompson, Rev. John Todd, J. Vincent, C. Vorhees

J.H. Waggoner, Warner, H.C. Warner, G.F.Waterman, James Welch, Wheeler, George White,
J.W. Whiteley, Thomas Whiteley, Jason Whitinger, J. Williams, J.C. Wills, Samuel Wood, W.H.H. Wright,
Mrs. D. Young

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