River Sioux, Iowa

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River Sioux

River Sioux Business Section

     The village of River Sioux was founded in 1866-67 with the building of the railroad between Council Bluffs and Sioux city. It was located one mile west of Little Sioux and about 3/4 miles from the confluence of the Little Sioux and Missouri Rivers. Until this time boats provided travel and transportation on the Missouri, and a small trading post had been established on its banks.
     The first train station, called Malta, was built north of the Little Sioux River railroad trestle. For some reason the settlers established their home and shops about a half-mile south of this bridge, creating River Sioux. the site for the village was plotted for a town, but it never incorporated.  The first business section of River Sioux was located one block east of the railroad tracks. Eventually there was a block-long row of business establishments. Around the turn of the century, fire wiped out this row of buildings.
     The first businessman in river Sioux was Frank Lehman. He later sold his location to Henry Herring, who owned and operated a farm south of River Sioux. Mr. Herring came to Harrison county from Pennsylvania in 1856. In 1867, his brother, David, who had been mustered out of the Confederate Army, came to work for Henry. In 1877, Henry started a general store selling wagons, lumber and hardware. He built the second dwelling place in River Sioux, a two-story house, on a knoll one block east of his store. Mr. Herring went out of business some years later and the sold building was moved to his home site for use as a barn.
     Other pioneer families living in and around River Sioux were those of Richard Kerr, W. C. Atwell, Hoover Miller, Andrew Armstrong, John B. Conyers, Matthew Conyers and John Conyers, Fowler, S. Dewell, S. L. Newton, S. J. Peasley, J. B. Simmons, Jack Erb, Nels Anderson, Otto and John Brunstedt, and Alonzo Dungeon. Later Frank baker, Ed Richards, a. C. Northurp and Pat Bruen came with their families.
     In 1893, Martin Hathaway’s two sons, Harry Z. and Alfred M., bought the H. A. Calef store and operated it for 10 years when they dissolved their partnership. Al Hathaway continued the business and about 1911, erected a cement block building on the site of the old Herring store. Harry began a general store and hardware west of the railroad tracks on the north side of the road. In 1903 harry was appointed postmaster, a position he held until 1814. In 1908 Harry bought an undertaking business and about seven years later, gave up the store. Al Hathaway and his wife Maggie (Erb) took the postoffice, the store continuing for many years.
     Soon after the village was plotted, a post office was established with Postmaster Steven Demmon. As was the usual practice, the post office was set up in a grocery store, the owner acting as grocer and postmaster.


River Sioux School 1882

     Two years after the town was plotted, a small eight-grade schoolhouse was built in the southwest corner of River Sioux. In 1882 this building was moved and a new school was built for $3,000. It accommodated grades one through, ten. Mr. E. A. Baldwin was the first principal and teacher. Mr. I. G. Wilson was one of the earlier principals following Mr. Baldwin.
     In 1904 the schoolhouse burned and was replaced by a two-room building. Pupils finishing the eight grade in River Sioux went to high school in Little Sioux. For years, until the middle 1930’s, pupils finishing the eighth grade were sent to Logan to take county examinations. They were required to get passing grades to be eligible for high school.



River Sioux School 1931
Grades 5 to 8

Back Row: George Vipond, Elbert Conyers, Marjorie Weston, Teacher Vivian Swain, Frances Moore,
Jack Vipond
Front row: Vera Little, Ethel Haynie, Bernice Jacoba, Freddie Rife, Edith Ruffcorn, Lowell Kidder

River Sioux School 1931
Grades 1 to 4

Back Row: Teacher Mable Swain, Lester Haynie, Robert Bohall, Alberta Peck, Thelma Moore,
Betty Vipond
Middle Row: Milford Worley, Marion Price, Beryl Weston, Amy Haynie, Devore Moore, Homer Jacoba, Kenneth Anderson, Billy Dodd, Wilbur Rife,
Charles Blankenship
Front Row: Charles Ruffcorn, Roma Peasley, Roger Vipond, Roberta Conyers, Roy Jacoba, Betty Rife, Marion Anderson, Robert Robinson, Lester Jacoba


The following is a partial list of   River Sioux Teachers
Hortense Hathaway
George West
Muza McAdon
Jessie Dick
Millie Harris
Minnie Dororty
Vera Norton
Nettie Depue
Minnie Davidson
Luella Koonty
Lucille Conrad
Edna Burress
Bertha Anderson
Mrs. M. L. Thornbury
Bina Wood
Lena Pippitt
L. Stout
Mildred McClannahan
Pearle Park
Hazel Terry
Miss Stout
Winnie Lyon
Sadie Perley
Fred Kerr
Edna Ross
Mildred McClannahan
Abbie McWilliams
Annabell Boyd
Inez Armstrong
Morman Niles

Pauline Anderson
Ann Springer
Mary Dean
Glaideth Miller
Mary Elliff
Earl Conyers
Glenice Haynie
Mabel Swain
Vivian Haynie
Anastasia McKinney
Vera Bean
Betty Rife
Doris Haynie
Maxine Sandburg
Any Haynie
Mildred Cooper




Henry Herring Home,
Sisters Amelia and Olive Herring,
Kate Fields

The Hatheway Family

Mrs. Genevra Hatheway, Martin and
Alfred Hatheway.
Front Row:  Hortense and Harry Hatheway, Maggie Hatheway


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