This one does have names on the back, not necessarily in any order that I can decipher.

Miss McMaster - Teacher
Mildred McQueen, Francis Fitzpatrick, Birdie Ritchison, Effie Short, Marie Olmstead, Gladys Olmstead, Lois Field, Bertha Field, Florence Field, Gladys Parcell, Vala Parcell, Bernice Hudson, Vera Fusselman, Loleta Egan, Opal McManami, Beulah Middleton, Mildred Harker, Vadis Wingate, Pearl Arbaugh, George Carney, George McCrillis, Vern McManami, Leslie Ritchison, Harry Lightell, Arthur Hansen, Ira Fusselman, Cecil Ritchison, Donald Minton,
Melvin Harker, Harlan Kelly, Fred Fountain, Cecil Hecter