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Richard and Susan Little Davis
Preston and Tom

Susan Little Davis

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Tom and May Powell Davis
Clarence, Trudie and Dolly

William "Snap" Davis

Pictures above were provided by
Gene Strain
Modale, Iowa

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This one has the following note on the back  "Friend Richardson House at
Modale, Ia where Mother (Edith Jefferson Arbaugh) boarded for 2 years.
Mr. Richardson & family on porch."

Photo from Linda and Dave Anderson

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Arbaugh Family, Modale, Iowa
If you can identify any of the people in the photo, please let me know.

Photo from Linda and Dave Anderson

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John T. Arbaugh Family

John T. and Ella Spracklin Arbaugh
Louis, Minnie and George


Solomon Goss and Louisa J. Avits Spracklin
My Spracklin Line
My Goss Line

More will be added soon!

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