Cincinnati Township
Harrison County Iowa

Page and Content by Judy Wallis White

The founding settlers to this area came from Cincinnati Ohio. The organizing committee was made up of J. S. Fountain and
J. H. Waggoner.

George Richardson came in July, 1857, one of the county's outstanding citizens and eventually represented the county in the legislature.

James House and family including his sons Charles Allen and William came in 1856 and settled on section 2. They used to tell about the wild grass being taller than a mans head.

William Boyd and family including his son Perry cane from Illinois in 1856

Jonathan West settled her in 1857

Jesse Bowman came from Ill in 1858, his retirement years were spent in Modale.

Coming from, Canada to Cincinnati at different dates was the Coulthard family, George in 1860, William at the close of the war, James in 1866 David in 1875, John in 1876 and Robert in 1877
James N. McManimie settled here at the close of the war.

Reuben Olinger purchased his home in Cincinnati township in 1883. He was a direct descendant of Peter Stuyvesant, former governor of Amsterdam, New York which is now New York City.

Jacob Minor settled here in 1885

David Farquhar came here in 1885 and married Miss Nettie Richardson, daughter of George and Ann Coulthard Richardson.

Alcide Bessire located here in 1884, was very active in managing large farms raising much stock including well bread horses. These were trotters. In 1891 he joined Bonner, Sims and Sharpnack dealers in implements, grain and lumber in Modale.

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