12. Isabell HARKNESS (Private).

Isabell HARKNESS and KELLY SERATT had the following children:

child33 i. Loretta SERATT.

Othor "Oat" "Shorty" HOLT (son of Christopher Ronald HOLT and Lillie May DODSON) was born on 22 Jun 1913. He died on 18 Nov 1978. Isabell HARKNESS and Othor "Oat" "Shorty" HOLT had the following children:

child35 ii. Olie HOLT was born on 24 Sep 1934 in Arkansas. He died on 24 Sep 1939 in Arkansas.
child36 iii. Elvis HOLT was born on 16 Jan 1937 in Arkansas. He died on 24 Jan 1937 in Arkansas.
child37 iv. James Devorld HOLT (Private).
child38 v. Lorn Douglas HOLT (Private).
child34 i. Kenny HOLT.

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