245. Leola Ester GEE (Private).

Ed MONTALBETTI (son of Flex MONTALBETTI and Irene CASSAGRANDE) was born on 18 May 1904 in Blairmore, Alberta, Canada. He died on 19 Nov 1994 in Pentiction, British Columbia, Canada. He was buried in St. Margrets, Bhaffton, Alberta, Canada. Leola Ester GEE and Ed MONTALBETTI had the following children:

child462 i. Patrick MONTALBETTI was born on 2 Sep 1929 in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada. He died on 18 Dec 1960 in Ponoka, Alberta, Canada.
child+463 ii. Joseph MONTALBETTI.
child+464 iii. Doris MONTALBETTI.
child+465 iv. Joyce MONTALBETTI.
child+466 v. Charlie MONTALBETTI.

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