91. George GEE was born on 5 Jun 1863 in England. He was baptized on 6 Nov 1864. He died on 30 Aug 1950.

He was married to Jessie Janet MARTIN (daughter of George Newman MARTIN and Eliza BAREHAM) on 23 Jun 1883. Jessie Janet MARTIN was baptized on 16 Dec 1863 in Withersfield, Suffolk, England. She died on 26 Feb 1942. George GEE and Jessie Janet MARTIN had the following children:

child+190 i. Herbert George GEE.
child191 ii. William GEE was born on 12 Nov 1884. He died 10/13 March 1915 in Giverchy, France. William was a stretcher beared in the 2nd Battalion Grenadiar Guards Killed in action in France. World War I Grenadier Guards #12494
child+192 iii. Bertie GEE.
child+193 iv. Maggie GEE.
child+194 v. Stanley GEE.
child+195 vi. Leonard GEE.
child+196 vii. Adelaide Maud GEE.
child+197 viii. Sidney GEE.
child+198 ix. Reginald Lawrence GEE.

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