44. William Reed GEE was baptized on 30 Nov 1817. He died on 22 Sep 1869 in England.

He was married to Martha. William Reed GEE and Martha had the following children:

child72 i. William TAYLOR was baptized on 6 Apr 1823.
child73 ii. Henry GEE.
child74 iii. Emma Eliza GEE was born in 1846 in England. She was baptized on 12 Jul 1846 in England.
child75 iv. Fredrick John GEE was born in 1847 in England. He was baptized on 22 Aug 1847 in England.
child76 v. Charles GEE was born in 1849 in England. He was baptized on 29 Apr 1849 in England.
child77 vi. Elizabeth GEE.
child78 vii. Walter GEE.
child79 viii. Alfred GEE.
child80 ix. Arthur GEE.
child81 x. Eliza GEE.
child82 xi. Alice GEE.
child83 xii. Mary Ann GEE.
child84 xiii. Robert GEE.
child85 xiv. Albert GEE.

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