54. John Walter GEE was born on 10 Sep 1851 in Mossley, Ontario, Canada. He died on 18 Feb 1938 in Cupar, Saskatchewan, Canada. He was buried in Cupar, Sasakawathan. When he was two years of age he was burnt which left him deaf. He also wandered from home and was taken by the Indians. They returned him in about 5 days. His father Jeremiah passed away when he was six years of age. In 1871 he went to the Ontario School for the Deaf at Belleville, Ontario. He stayed there until 1875, where he studied and learned shoemaking. While there he met Louisa Noyes who was a pupil there from 1871-1875.

Copy of Homestead papers,

He was married to Louisa NOYES about 1876 in Denfield, Ontario, Canada. Louisa NOYES was born in 1847 in Denfield, Ontario, Canada. She died on 13 Apr 1925 in Cupar, Saskatchewan, Canada. She was buried in Cupar, Sasakawathan. John Walter GEE and Louisa NOYES had the following children:

child+94 i. Arthur Sidney GEE.
child+95 ii. William Walter Edgar GEE.
child+96 iii. Charles Oliver Franklin GEE.
child+97 iv. Thomas Andrew GEE.
child+98 v. Lena Elsie Louise GEE.
child+99 vi. Albert Ernest GEE.

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