157. Thomas Lemmons NOBLIN was born on 7 Oct 1864 in TN.(44) He died on 8 Apr 1936 in Lawrence Co, AR.(44) The 1900 Lawrence County, AR census shows Thomas to have two boarders and one servant. The boarders were Ambush Byrd, 21, born March 1879, and Francis Whitmire, 23, born November 1876. The servant was Sarah Bennett born in MO and was 57, born December 1842. She was a widow with nine children with two still living. Her father was born in TN.

The 1910 Lawrence County, AR census lists in the household of Thomas Noblin a Lizzie Ralph, 31, as "HSI" (half sister?), and Clyde Ralph, 6 years old. Clover Bend Cemetery records show Richard Clyde Ralph, 24 May 1903 to 25 Jun 1966; Lizzie Ralph, 3 Nov 1879 to 18 May, 1940.

The 1920 Lawrence County, AR census shows Thomas Noblin, 55, and Kattie Noblin, 38, enumerated with Tommy R., 16, daughter; Samuel J., 11, son; Annie B. Stevens, 13, adopted daughter; Thomas W. Whitmire, 8; and Kenneth S. Whitmire, 5.

Census information provided by Don Noblin. Don talked with Mildred Whitmire, Kenneth's wife, in January, 1997 and she said that Francis married a girl who's last name was Bennett, but she didn't remember the first name. Perhaps it was a daughter of the servant, Sarah Bennett, listed in the 1900 census.

Thomas is buried in Noblin Cemetery, Alicia, AR.

He was married to Mary Pamelia (Tiffee) PRUETT on 4 Sep 1887 in Lawrence Co, AR. (44) The Powhattan Museum in Lawrence County has the marriage record of Thomas L. Noblin and Mary P. Tiffer (Tiffee), being married 4 Sep 1887, Book 1883-1902, page 53, vol. 2. Mary Pamelia (Tiffee) PRUETT was born in 1866.(44) She died in 1900 in Lawrence Co, AR.(44) Thomas Lemmons NOBLIN and Mary Pamelia (Tiffee) PRUETT had the following children:

child461 i. Jane NOBLIN.
child462 ii. Stephens NOBLIN.
child463 iii. Lela NOBLIN (Private).
child464 iv. Joseph Charles Camron NOBLIN was born on 22 Apr 1891 in Lawrence Co, AR. (44) He died on 4 Mar 1934 in Greene Co, AR. (44)
child465 v. William Henry Hugh NOBLIN was born on 30 Jan 1893 in Johnstown, Lawrence Co, AR.(44) He died on 10 Aug 1970 in Jonesboro, Craighead Co, AR.(44) William's, "W.H.", bible records Mary Pamelia Pruett as his mother and it shows "Lou Tiffey" as his half sister.

William was baptized on 12 Sep 1919 in Clover Bend, AR by J. H. Curry.

He died in St. Bernard's hospital, Jonesboro, AR. He is buried in Memorial Park, Jonesboro, AR. His social security number is 429-12-3065, Missouri issued.
child466 vi. Beauthon Ellison NOBLIN (Private).
child467 vii. Mary Pamelia NOBLIN was born in 1902.(44) She died in 1904.
child468 viii. Anna Belle STEVENS was born about 1907.(44) She died in Walnut Ridge, Lawrence Co, AR. Anna Bell was a foster daughter to Thomas and Mary. The 1920 Lawrence County, Arkansas census shows Tommy R. 16 (dau), Samuel J. 11 (son), Annie B. Stevens 13 (adopted dau), Thomas W. 8, and Kenneth S. Whitmire 5, enumerated with Thomas 55 and Kattie Noblin 38.

He was married to Kate Arizona WHITMIRE on 4 Jul 1900 in Lawrence Co, AR. (44) Kate Arizona WHITMIRE was born on 1 May 1882 in AR.(44) She died on 4 Mar 1962 in AR.(44) She is buried in Strangers Home Cemetery, Alicia, AR. Thomas Lemmons NOBLIN and Kate Arizona WHITMIRE had the following children:

child469 i. Tommy Ruth Jane NOBLIN (Private).
child470 ii. Maggie L.D. NOBLIN was born on 24 Aug 1906 in Lawrence Co, AR. (44) She died on 10 Oct 1906 in Alicia, Lawrence Co, AR. (44)
child471 iii. Samuel James NOBLIN (Private).

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