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Welcome to our home pages.  Come on in, make yourself comfortable, set a spell
and browse.  Listen to an old country classic, Welcome to My World.  We hope
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ancestors are here to show you where they have been, even though some
are still hiding from us.  Thanks for stopping.
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     In 1960 I met a wonderful little lady who started my interest in genealogy.  I started gathering information on my family and my husband's family.  My searching was interrupted during the middle sixties and early seventies while raising a family of 3 active boys.   A mistake I made during those early years was not talking to elders of our families.  Please don't make the mistake I did, once they are gone its lots harder to get the answers to your questions.

     The Wallis and Gee side of my family are always talking about family members, long gone and sometimes forgotten.  My father and Aunt Cleo have brought these people to life for me.  I didn't have the privilege of knowing my father's side of the family as a child and my mother didn't talk about her side.

     For years after we were married my mother-in-law did not want me to search out any information on the Bates, White, Harkness and Dodson line.  There were some family connections they didn't want to talk about.  She had, however, told us she was of Native American descent, Cherokee or Pawnee from the Dodson line.  We now this connection is correct, we just don't know for sure how.  So we just keep digging.

     In the past I have spent very little time searching for the Davis, Layton and Spracklen lines.  I have gathered a large collection of pictures, stories and magazine articles on my grandmother Bessie Layton Davis, many of which are included here.


Small Town Iowa

Both of my parents were born in Harrison County Iowa, as were many aunts, uncles and grandparents. I wanted you to know what Harrison County was like in those early days, so please visit my Harrison County pages for a view of the past. There are links there to Civil War Veterans from each town, School Graduates, early settlers, and several pictures. You will find Photo Albums for the towns of Mondamin, Modale, Little Sioux, and River Sioux. If you have family pictures you would like to submit for these pages, please email ME. While looking for new graphics, I found "You know you live in a Small Town, When", check it out, I think it might be true. While your there take a look at GranGran Graphics, there the best! Most of the graphics used on this page were from GranGran.

butterfly butterfly

So Many Changes

Many things have changed since I first built these pages.  I have to say its been an interesting process and hopefully these pages will change again soon.  When the original pages were built, we were living in Iowa, I was just learning how to build web pages, and I had plenty of time to rebuild when ever I felt the need.  I still feel the need, not it is just a little harder.

We moved back to Oregon after a 30 year stay in Iowa, I now build web pages every day on a variety of sites, but mostly ones I have a been building since their beginning, one of them is OregonGenealogy which has a great amount of information on Baker County and City where we now live.  I still build pages for AccessGenealogy and our Native American portion of that site.


Thank You, Please come again!

     We hope you have enjoyed your visit to our pages, as with all web pages they are constantly being changed.  If you visited here before, I'm sure you noticed this is not the same page.  I purchased a new program and am now learning how to make my own graphics.  This has been a slow learning process, and I keep finding new graphics that I like better than the ones I can make.  Let us know what you think of our pages, and if you find a broken link, please tell us. 

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